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Introducing Puro

With Puro products and their benefits, we hope to see a future where 125 crore healthy Indians achieve a "Chronic Disease Free" state, with an effortless change in their diet.

Puro Healthy Salt

Puro Healthy Salt is unrefined and natural - free of bleaches, chemicals, anti-caking agents and other impurities that you might find in your regular iodised salt. With over 80 minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc and naturally occurring traces of Iodine essential for holistic well-being, Puro Healthy Salt is a natural and healthier alternative to iodized salt. Even with its impressive mineral profile, it doesn’t compromise on taste.

Puro Healthy Salt
Enjoy Whatever, wherever, Whenever
  • Daily Meal

    1200 Calaries, Zero Sugar, Same Taste, Low Na content, Salt Fenugreek benefit

    Puro for home
  • Fast food

    1000 Calories per meal Zero Sugar / Can of cola Zero Sugar in Ketch Up, Low na Salt in 100 g French Fries