3 easy ways to introduce Puro Healthy salt into your diet

Once you’ve decided to switch table salt with Puro Healthy salt, which is so much better for your health, here’s how to easily incorporate it into your diet!

By Shirley Mistry

We understand that it isn’t easy to switch the condiments that you use in your cooking, especially something as fundamental as salt, but with the abundant health benefits that Puro Healthy salt offers, you would be doing your health a great disservice if you didn’t make the simple switch. Replete with 84 minerals that impart more health benefits than you can count, here are 3 simple ways to effortlessly incorporate Puro Healthy salt into your diet.

Start with the table

A sprinkle over your salad, a bit in your evening chaat or even a pinch sprinkled over your morning sunny side up eggs—there is always good reason to keep salt handy, especially at the dining table. When introducing Puro Healthy salt into your diet, we recommend starting by replacing the salt shaker in your dining area. This will give you a chance to get a feel of the salt, understand its texture and define just how much you need to get the right taste. A bonus is that Puro Healthy salt has a wonderful taste of its own, making it the perfect condiment to accentuate the taste of your healthy meals—whether it is avocado on toast or good old poha!

Use it in beverages

Whether it is creamy buttermilk, refreshing lemonade or even a traditional sol kadhi, replace table salt with Puro Healthy salt for enhanced flavour and nutrition. Its ability to replenish the minerals in your body and keep you hydrated not only make it a tasty addition to your everyday beverages, but a healthy one too! mineral salt into diet

Cook with it!

Now that you know how good Puro Healthy salt tastes and how much you need to get the taste of your food just right, replace your jar of white salt with Puro Healthy salt. Adding it to your everyday cooking gives your body a better chance to draw maximum benefits from a balanced diet. With a taste that’s better than that of refined white salt and a host of health benefits to boot, we’re sure you’ll never want to go back to refined white salt again! If you’re looking for easy ways to add the salt to your diet, here are our top three suggestions:
Add it to spice rubs:
If grilled meats and vegetables are a major part of your healthy diet, we suggest making spice rubs with Puro Healthy salt, herbs and condiments of your choice. Apart from amplifying the flavour of your food, this will also reduce the time you spend cooking in the kitchen! Puro Healthy salt pickle
Make pickles with it:
As Indians, we really can’t give up our daily dose of pickle! But, the next time you ask your neighbourhood aunty to make you a batch of lip-smacking mango pickle or make some yourself, why not swap regular salt with Puro Healthy salt. Considering how salty pickles are, it is a great way to reap the many benefits of Puro Healthy salt by making a simple, effortless swap
Add it to popcorn:
Packaged popcorn is high in salt, fat, additives and preservatives, but let’s face it, it is an addictive snack that is hard to give up. Instead of eliminating popcorn all together, make your own with olive oil, chilli powder and a fat pinch of Puro Healthy salt for that salty kick you love. It is guilt-free and just as delicious!

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